Makin’ a Baby…One Asana at a Time



We’re all in training… training for a big run, new promotion, skill…always to get to the NEXT LEVEL; land the big score. Yet in our yoga practice we strive to be in the present, in the now — with nowhere to get to. Isn’t that yogic bliss? Isn’t that why we all come to our mat — just to BE PRESENT? Well, yes, of course! So what about when I conceive and birth a small human being… am I training for the BIG SCORE or am I blissfully in the present.


Bear with me here…guys, un-previously impregnated women, women who don’t have the slightest interest in sharing your body with any other living creature, stay the course…there’s something very intriguing about what I have to say – to everyone. I’m going to use this circumstance, but I invite you to tack it onto ANYTHING in your life to that you’ve committed yourself to do or be. Anything you have {miraculously!} chosen even though you’ve got NO IDEA how you’re going to complete it successfully {much less SURVIVE it}, and then come out of it on the other end pleased as punch to list it as one of the MOST exhilarating experiences you’ve ever totally ROCKED. You might even be crazy enough to do it again.


So, let’s get back to TRAINING. And the yogic “present bliss”. They can actually simultaneously coexist. And in the preparation for childbirth, I’m not sure how they couldn’t.


Mind you…I started with a GOAL {insane, but true}. I was committed to crossing that finish line a certain way. No drugs… at a Birth Center.. just me and my husband. Candles, music, Jacuzzi, aromatherapy…


SO, I knew needed to train, but what I didn’t know at the time was that the MOST IMPORTANT part of all of it was the blessing of being in the moment. I actually had was TRAINING myself to BE PRESENT.


Here’s what I discovered:


  1. Prenatal Yoga is NOT sitting on a cushion holding hands with other crunchy mamas, breathing in unison while you try to align your uteruses with the cosmos. It’s WORK. Work like Utanasana on the wall for several minutes {because that’s how long a contraction is and you need to BREATHE through it}. That was cute. Full-on Planks and Chatturanga {because you need arm strength to carry “those suckers” around}. And powerful Warrior sequences {because you need every muscle in your body to endure the process, and to stay the course}. Holy sh*t. We were TRAINING.
  2. A meditative Savasana at the end of each practice during which we “talked” to our babies was the most amazing {and crucial} discovery of each practice. I actually had the opportunity to have real conversations with this little person who was always with me. And sometimes I was really angry. And sometimes I was terrified. And sometimes I was excited. And he heard it all. And four years later, he still does. To this day, it’s one of my most proud connections with my son. Again, we were TRAINING to be present.
  3. It takes a long time to really get what it takes to be in the moment. HA! The irony of it all. It’s that damn TRAINING. New challenges developed {think Half Moon with a 20 lb. weight hanging around your waist…that moves}, and restrictions came up left and right {no deep twists, inversions are controversial, holding your breath is a no-no}. Well, how in the hell was I supposed to do MY YOGA? If I couldn’t TRAIN hard, what was the point? The point was that that was being in the moment. Knowing, adjusting and being content.
  4. Labor was not like anything I could have imagined. It’s the ONLY experience I’ve ever had in my life where I was nowhere BUT the present. Some may refer to it as survival. I prefer to call it intense bliss. I was so present that I could still recall that day like it was yesterday. “The moments” were a short-lived trip to Target {not a romantic series of rounds of breathing by candlelight; check that one off the list}, Childs Pose with DEEEEEP Ujayi breath on the living room floor {not a relaxing nap to save my energy with the hubby; whoops!}, and an “only to distract me” shower followed by a seat-clenching, TV mini-series like highway car ride {hold on, wasn’t my goal the Jacuzzi?}.


And why is it that I couldn’t tell you what I had for lunch last Thursday, but all of those moments could be painted with vibrant color and precise detail? Simply because I had TRAINED for those moments — those beautiful, wonderful, blissful moments.



So my challenge to you…
As you take on your next great big hairy, scary challenge, create your plan and consider yourself in TRAINING. Keep that eye on the prize. Take notice in those moments {especially when it gets SUPER hairy} that these are YOUR MOMENTS, your PRESENT {pun intended actually, as it really is a gift}.


Breathe them in. Resist them. Send them packing. It really doesn’t matter. Just know that those precious moments will be the very things that have you crossing that finish line…embracing and remembering every sacred, miraculous minute.


No go and unwrap those moments!



By Baby Mama Kelly Whalen
{Call me Crazy, but I’m doing this AGAIN!}


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