Be Careful What You Wish For…


It’s not easy to take a hard look at your life and decide what you want. It’s even harder to do something about it. You need the clarity of knowing who you are, the courage to follow your intuition and the will to initiate the shift towards what serves you and sustain it no matter what.

That’s not easy, glamorous or fun. I know because I’ve done it. I’ve looked at my life and said, “This isn’t working.” I’ve looked at myself and said, “This isn’t me.” That part is hard… but not near as hard as what follows. I left a marriage, friends, expectations, hopes and dreams… I took on navigating a divorce, being a single Mom, making hard choices and seeing them through. I righted my finances, bought a house, made an amazing group of friends and re-connected with my family. I explained what I could to my two daughters and did my best to hold true to my convictions for what I needed in my life. After all that, I thought I was done. I had a little hiatus to get used to everything and in April of this year I lost my job of 15 years.But that was not the crisis it seemed to be because within weeks I had and found a job that is precisely what I want to do. I did not do any of this alone… but I did it on my terms. And I was very, very scared all of the time. I still am.

I now have what I want. Everything is great. Most importantly, I have two amazing, adjusted, healthy girls and a great network of family & friends. I am doing work I feel passionate about and I love it. I like my house and it has become a home. My finances are on the right track and I have enough of what I need and want. To top it off, I generally like who I am.

So what’s the catch? I already told you, I have what I wished for… there’s no crisis, no avalanche falling on my head and no war to fight to survive. Everything is exactly as I wanted. Even more amazing, I am learning how to manifest. As of late I manifested the exact job I wanted and the vacation of my dreams. They both fell right into my lap – each with a story amazing enough to be on TV!

But I am still scared. I’mnot scared to death, I’m scared to live. I have carefully wished for everything I want and have now received it. So why do I have trouble finding faith? Why do I give into fear and doubt? Am I a warrior who has no battle? Or is the real battle right before me? I’m coming to suspect it’s the latter. And that brings me back to carefully wishing.

I wish to live the life I have chosen with wild abandon. I wish to seize the day.

They say be careful what you wish for and I know why. We should be careful what we wish for because we just might get it. I have wished again with you as my witness. Not one part of me doubts I will get it.I am scared, but excited… because this is where the real work begins.

~ Christy Holland, MOYO Teacher and Nature Lover



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