Tulsi: A Holy Holistic Herb

Jesse Russell

When looking at the myriad health and wellness benefits of Tulsi, it’s no surprise that it has
been revered as “the queen of herbs.” For over 7,000 years (at least), Tulsi has been utilized for its
therapeutic and medicinal purposes. With its extensive range and variety of healing properties, it’s a
wonder that not everybody is incorporating Tulsi into their daily regimen in some way. This beautiful
and aromatic herb is as tasty as it is medicinal. It certainly doesn’t require a spoonful of sugar to help it
go down. Perhaps now more than ever, Tulsi can assist in alleviating the epidemic of chronic disease due
to poor diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Let’s take a look at a few of Tulsi’s many miraculous
Studies have shown Tulsi’s ability to protect the vital organs, such as the liver, kidneys, and
brain, against deleterious damage as a result of environmental toxins. These toxins include industrial
chemicals, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. Tulsi’s powerful protective abilities work at the genetic and
cellular level helping to bolster the body’s natural immune response. In addition to environmental
toxins, “Tulsi has also been shown to protect against the toxic effects of heavy metals such as lead,
arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and mercury, and the toxic effects of radiation.” As we become more
aware of the harmful effects of environmental toxins, it becomes increasingly important that we’re
aiding our bodies in their defense against chronic exposure to the harmful toxins that are prevalent in
virtually all areas of life. Tulsi has proven its efficacy in this realm.
Environmental toxins aren’t the only thing stressing our immune system. Stress, both physical
and mental, is known to be the leading cause of disease. Tulsi’s anti-diabetic activity “reduces blood
glucose, corrects abnormal lipid profiles, and protects the liver and kidneys from metabolic damage
caused by high glucose levels.” In other words, Tulsi helps to assist the body in maintaining healthy
metabolism, and it can help prevent weight gain and the associated diseases that accompany obesity,
such as diabetes. On the mental level, Tulsi has been shown, in animal studies, to produce anti-anxiety
and anti-depressant effects akin to drugs such as diazepam and antidepressants. It also has been shown,
in human studies, to improve cognitive function, enhance memory, and protect against aging-induced
memory deficits. Now that’s some information worth remembering!
As if the health benefits of Tulsi weren’t impressive enough, it also opens eyes and drops jaws
thanks to its remarkable ability to protect against infection. Tulsi possesses anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and
anti-fungal properties. It can be ingested to enhance the body’s immune response as a preventative
method, but it can also be utilized in things such as mouthwash and sanitizer for total body care and
infection protection. Whether it’s wound care, bad breath, or various other scenarios in which bacteria
and viruses may be a concern, Tulsi offers a natural and effective means for keeping the body safe and
free from disease.
Tulsi may be the closest herb to a panacea known to exist. It penetrates all layers of the holistic
trifecta of body/mind/spirit. Tulsi has withstood the test of time, and it continues to offer its healing
gifts to all who choose to work with it. Relatively easy to grow and pleasing to the senses, Tulsi makes
for the perfect addition to your herb garden or as its own lovely display in a pot. Eat the stems, leaves,
and flowers. Cook with it. Make tea. Dry it into a powder and add it to your own homemade oral
products. However you choose to work with Tulsi, you will reap the benefits. Bow to “the queen of
herbs,” and she will surely bestow her blessings upon you!

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4296439/#ref3

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