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We appreciate your interest in presenting an event at MOYO. We would like to know more about who you are, your experience, and what your event will offer our community. Please complete our Proposal Form BELOW so that we may learn more about you, and see if you and MOYO are a fit.

MOYO welcomes a diverse community of presenters, and greatly appreciates and values teachers with extensive educational backgrounds, creative and unique teaching methods, and engaging, interactive events. We have developed programming that specifically caters to our clients’ needs, and our intention is to always have offerings to fulfill these needs.

Through our review process we look for presenters who will integrate seamlessly into MOYO programs.

Additionally, it is essential that presenters are willing and able to collaborate with MOYO in marketing themselves — whether through social media outlets, websites, blogs, or email.

We receive event proposals often and do our best to respond to inquiries promptly.

Presentor Application

You can expect an email once we have received your proposal, and upon review of your proposal, you will receive a follow-up email with information on whether we will move forward into the scheduling process. Thank you for considering MOYO as a platform for education.

  • Please provide your business facebook page
  • Please provide the event title. This can be changed later if necessary.
  • Please provide the public event description you would like prospective event attendees to see on our website and promotional materials.
  • Please provide a detailed executive summary of your event. This different from the event description. The summary is to help our staff gain a comprehensive understanding of the contents of your event so we promote and market it properly.
  • Please provide a detailed explanation of the educational piece of your offering and what the prospective event attendees will learn.
  • Please let us know the minimum number of attendees you will require to host this event and the maximum number who can attend. Moyo is a spacious venue can can host large groups of people if needed.
  • Please list your ideal days of the week, time of day, and the length of time for your event.
  • There are two options for hosting events. You can partner with Moyo which means we will promote your event to our client base, have people sign up through our P.O.S. system, and split the profit with you. The other option is to rent the facility upfront to host your own event without partnering with us for our promotional services. If you are not sure what option is best, please give us a call at 610-584-1108 and we'd be happy to discuss it with you.
  • Please provide us a bio with 150 words or less
  • If you have a press kit, please include a link to it here.
  • Please provide a head-shot to go next to your bio. If you do not have a press kit online, please provide us with a couple photos that we could use to promote your event.
    Drop files here or
  • While we will be doing our part to market your event to our clientele, instructors and event facilitators are expected to market to their own client base. We require that you send a minimum of two dedicated emails to your clients. We also require that you share any promotional materials we create for your event on your website and/or facebook page. Do you feel that you can meet these requirements?





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