Nama’stay In Bed, Oh Nama’no You Won’t!

Kasey Belliston

Picture this – You’re all warm and toasty, cuddled up in bed, dreaming sweet dreams. Then suddenly that dreaded alarm starts dinging so loud, right in your ear, waking you up in a panic! That was my morning Sunday morning. The night before, I had given myself a nice pep talk right before bed. “Alright! When your alarm goes off, you’re gonna get right up and get out of bed and go to the 8 AM hot yoga class. No excuses! You’ve been a little lazy this week, haven’t practiced at all, and haven’t went to the gym much. It’ll be good for you, SO GET YOUR YOGI BUTT UP AND GO!”

So Sunday morning when that alarm went off, I did what most people do, and snoozed for another half hour, deciding “nahhh you don’t have to go, just sleep in and skip yoga again, no one will know”.  But I knew. After a few minutes of thinking about it, trying to get comfortable again and attempting get back to my dream, I had this strange sensation that was trying to tell me something. Something told me that I should go and practice. Something told me that it would be good for me to go to yoga that morning. And magically, that something moved me up and out of bed and surprisingly I was fully awake and getting ready for class!

Admittedly I was a little late for class, but hey! It’s certainly better than not showing up at all right?! Better than regretting all day that I didn’t go to class, and that I didn’t get a practice in. When I finally got into class and got on my mat, my soul was so happy and so relieved that I listened to that little something inside that wanted me to get to that 8 AM class, even though it felt so early. It felt right, being seated in easy seat pose on my mat. Being on that mat really felt like home that morning, like I was meant to be seated then and there.

Once Jesse started up the class, I just felt so light and grateful for my place in the Green Room. I could feel the energy swirling around the room along with the heat, and I could feel it filling me up, and motivating me for the day ahead. The class was exactly what I needed that day too. It was well balanced with core work and strength but lightened with meditative flows and prolonged postures. I felt as if the universe had intended me to be on the mat, participating in that class.

When something inside you, a little light from the depths of your heart, compels you to do something, you should do it! When you have a certain overwhelming feeling about something, you should go with it! These little lights help to get your inner wisdom to shine, as well as better connect your brain and body to what your heart and your soul are saying. Letting your heart lead you, is what yoga and what life is all about! If you don’t listen to what your soul is asking for, then that’s when you get filled with regret and remorse for all the things you wanted to do but didn’t, or what you could have done, but wouldn’t.

Don’t go through life each day regretting all the things you chose not to do or participate in. A life like that is filled with what ifs, when life should be driven by the question “why not?”. Why not listen to your heart? Go on that trip? Why not go to that retreat? Start practicing yoga? Why not talk to that friendly face? Try to fill your life with things you’re proud of yourself for choosing to do? In the end, life is all about doing what makes you happy and listening to that little light inside, that’s trying to get you to shine.

Written by Guest Blogger Kayla Ruth

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