Manifestation and Liberation: Using the Chakras to Create Your Reality

Kim Horstman

In our modern culture where life seems to be racing by us, we always hear whispers about the law of attraction, manifesting our dreams, or becoming our best selves. We get facebook invites to vision-board workshops and yoga retreats. Sometimes the concept of manifesting what you want seems abstract and out-of-reach. The truth is that you can create your reality in a very practical, approachable way. Let’s go on a journey through the chakras to see how we can release our holding patterns and manifest newer, better things in our lives. 


First, let’s look at the current of manifestation as it moves from the realm of possibility into the realm of actuality. We start at the crown chakra, our center of wisdom and spiritual connection. This is where the universe may start dropping us hints about the path we want to walk in this life. As that current moves down to the 3rd eye, we start to engage with it and ruminate upon it. This is why clear thoughts and intentions are an important part of the process, but they are not the only key! 

The current keeps moving down into our throat. We start to express our desires. The more truthful we are with our expression, the more energy we infuse into the current of manifestation. We now hold this desire in our heart chakra as it begins to be a part of our relationships. We can network, find the right tribe, and feel the emotions that inform us about our journey. As the current ignites in the solar plexus, we start to take actions that back-up this desire we are trying to manifest. Moving down further into the sacral chakra, we bring in the elements of creativity and flow. Our desire starts to take form. The last step is grounding this manifestation into reality with your root chakra. Once it is there, we build structure and routines around it to keep it strong. 


Sometimes we have manifested something that we no longer need; like a bad habit, an unhealthy relationship, or a limiting belief. This manifestation needs to be liberated by journeying back up through the chakras. As it moves to the sacral chakra, it gains fluidity and starts to lose form. In the solar plexus fire we start to take actions that disrupt the manifestation and break it down. Our heart begins to process the emotions of letting it go. With our throat we can speak, share, make art, or write about letting this manifestation go. In our third eye, our intuition confirms that it needs to be released. We can meditate on the thought patterns and beliefs that have been holding this manifestation in place. In our crown chakra, we can ask our highest self, our guides, and the spirit of nature to carry the manifestation back into formless ether. 

Turning it into Daily Practice

What this means is that at every level of our being, there are practical tools we can engage with to release the old and manifest the new. As you work through this, you can give extra attention to areas where the current gets stuck. If the throat chakra is blocked, it may be hard to speak about it. If the heart is closed, you may not make the connections that you need to move forward. If the solar plexus is weak, you may feel too weary to take action. If the root chakra is deficient, you may not have a strong foundation to work from. So this is a road-map for investigating where you are stuck, and how to keep the current going. Yoga and meditation are excellent tools for clearing and balancing the chakras. If you infuse your practice with awareness, you will find endless ways to strengthen the currents of manifestation and liberation within the body; helping you to slowly shift your reality to match your needs and desires. 

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  1. Viviane on March 1, 2020 at 3:55 am

    I would like to study chakras and yoga . Suggestions ?

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