FEST 108's Superstars

We are so honored, thrilled, moved and grateful to welcome these unbelievably talented, transformational and wonderful human beings to our sacred grounds. Join us for a day of LOVE, TRANSFORMATION, ELEVATION & EMPOWERMENT.



Morning Cup of Vinyasa
Pete Guinosso 

The best part of waking up is a shot of Vinyasa in your cup! Skip the “go-juice” jitters and, instead, let your breath percolate throughout your entire body in this invigorating Vinyasa flow class. Spinal twists, hip openers, and heart opening backbends will have you leaving class feeling buzzed out on your asanas and ready for another day of festivities.  **PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED**

Wheels of Life: Understanding  & Applying the Chakra System
Maura Manzo

In this workshop with Maura Manzo, learn about the Chakra system and how it applies to both your practice and your life. The chakra system serves as an internal map for our deepest and most transformative journeys. Bridging together the inner and outer worlds, this system unifies and aligns our experience as both physical and spiritual beings. Leave with a deeper understanding of your self and the world around you, as how working with subtle energy can empower you to live in a more harmonious way.

Workshop includes various practices for each chakra, including asana, meditation, visualization, partner work, journaling and more. Please bring your yoga mat, any props you may need, a journal, and a item for a community altar. Please note, this will not be a vinyasa practice and is appropriate for all levels. **PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED**

To Know Thyself: A Practice of Movement and Meditation
Kate Goodyear 

To Know Thyself: A Practice of Movement and Meditation, will work through the many koshas or layers of our being to help us connect more deeply to who we really are. To really understand what lies at the center of “Self” can change the way that we view reality and how we interact with it. The hope of this practice is that you will leave calm, open and invigorated with a deeper sense of connectedness to yourself and all beings. This workshop will incorporate pranayama, a fluid Vinyasa asana practice and a formal seated meditation. **PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED**

Dark Side of the Moon
June Hunt

June’s “Dark Side of the Moon” practice is an all-levels class to the music of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” The flow is usually taught during a full moon, and is based on two different versions of moon salutations, making it a little more meditative than a sun salutation-based practice. Moon poses, such as Half Moon, also round out the practice. These elements are the stable core of the practice, and a common theme throughout is the luminous lightness of the moon.

Let the Sun Shine In!
Kyra Anastasia

In celebration of our 108 festival, this will be a yang centered class to strengthen and invigorate the body and mind. Prepare to laugh, sweat and move through a mindful vinyasa sequence including various sun salutation sequences that will leave you feeling blissful and free. All are welcome to play and explore.

YogaVoice: Your Authentic Voice
Mark Moliterno

Your voice is your most natural tool for connecting to the world around you…and to yourself. As such, it is a built-in instrument for wellness and self-healing. Transform the way you think about and experience your “authentic voice” as you join Mark Moliterno, founder of the groundbreaking YogaVoice® method, for this centering, informative, and enjoyable session. Mark will introduce the concept of vocal toning in yoga postures and then lead participants in his unique Vocal Vinyasa™ practice. No prior experience with singing or chanting is required. YogaVoice® is for yogis who wish to connect with the power of her/his voice for genuine self-expression and creative wellness.

Love and Gratitude
Bibi McGill

This workshop is built around heart-opening postures that lead us towards joy, confidence, self-love, gratefulness and respect of all life. Tap into the limbs of yoga to drop deep into the swirling green energy of the Anahata chakra. With music, japa/mantra, mudra, pranayama, asana and dhyana, we explore yogic techniques that encourage us to be led by our intuitive nature, rather than our analytical, logical nature. Challenge yourself to push through your physical and mental limitations as you get our of your head and into your heart. **PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED**

Conscious Dance Party
Bibi McGill

Conscious dance parties began as an alternative to the bar scene. These gatherings have grown in popularity over the last 4 years and continue to take over yoga studios around the country, expanding from their home base in Portland. Yoga teacher, musician and DJ BiBi McGill leads the event as master behind the mixer, melding rhythm and movement until it hits a fever pitch. Surround yourself with incredible beings to experience the self-expression and spiritual high of ecstatic dance!

Summer Lovin’
Natalie Levin

Celebrate the LOVE with the colorful Natalie Levin. Enjoy this 75 minute class with sizzling vinyasa sequences, deep breathing, an invitation to make friends with yourself, LIVE OPERA, and a GLITTER BAR outside the barn for sparkling yourself. **PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED**


Karen Strawhacker
Kundalini Yoga to Honor the Summer Solstice

This class will be an invigorating celebration of the summer solstice. Through this practice of mantra, prana, asana and meditation we will access our sun energy to enhance our vibrance and radiance.

Lisa Scarborough
Yoga and Ayurveda: Harnessing the Pitta Fire

Pitta, the element of fire, is on the rise during the summer months. Join Lisa Scarborough, Ayurvedic Consultant and yoga teacher to learn how this element manifests in the body and how you can harness its incredible power! When in balance, this powerful dosha gives us the ability to transform food into energy and thoughts into action. Learn which foods increase the power of pitta, how to determine when pitta is out of balance and finally, enjoy a yoga practice aimed at mastering this incredible energy.

Jen Ryan
Yin: Harness Your Internal Power

Yin is all about cooling and calming the mind and the body with long, meditative holds. During a season of yang, or high activity, it is imperative to bring the body’s layers back into balance and thus naturally enhancing power. Find your center through this series of rejuvenating postures intended to delve deeply into the tissues of the mind, body and spirit.

Ken Bell
Open the Hips and Release the Booty

Christy Holland
Yoga as a Foundation for Life Transformation

Lao Tzu said that “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

How are we blocking our own natural and spontaneous change in our lives? How might our yoga practice provide a foundation to allow the changes we want to naturally forward? Join Christy Holland in an exploration of the changes you want for your life and what might be in the way. Christy will lead discussion on some of the typical roadblocks that put a stop to change before it even gets started and what we can do about it. The group will take part in a short practice to encourage the natural (and powerful) flow of change.

Jamey Reese
Vinyasa! A Dance Between Fun and Freedom

Yoga is alive! Vinyasa yoga is an evolving form of traditional hatha yoga that focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility, systematic self-transformation and harmony with life .  Originating within the yogic teachings and likened to a dynamic dance, asana (or postures) are connected through the breath for a transformative and balancing effect.

My love towards vinyasa reflects the dance between form and freedom, classical and innovation, pattern and change.  I am interested in connecting life energy, the underlying creative vibration of life through the array of asanas to enliven and elevate our being .  For anyone who wants more from yoga than its physical rewards, this is a practice to strengthen the power of your heart and mind as much as your body.

May you enjoy the tides of your breath as life within you. May the potential within us, our svadharma, unfold in its fullness! 

Pre-register to Reserve Your Spot!

Yoga classes will be available throughout the duration of the event, in multiple locations, across festival grounds. Indoor workshops are capped off at 75 students per class. Pre-registration is needed in order to reserve a place for your mat in one of those classes. Event attendees may register for TWO CLASSES ONLY. Classes that require pre-registration have been marked with an asterisk (*) on the workshops ABOVE.  Details for pre-registration are included with ticket purchase.




Daylin has quickly become known as the leading progressive voice in the Pennsylvania legislature. He has championed countless important causes including marriage equality, repealing the Voter ID law, environmental stewardship, compassionate and redistricting reform and campaign finance reform. In recent years he has been proud to receive legislative achievement awards from Environmental, Educational, and Animal Rights and Human Rights Organizations.



Bibi McGill is not your typical rockstar guitarist—she’s also an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher. Bibi advocates making yoga available to everyone, and her no-fuss approach encourages students to get grounded. The Portland based yogi delivers a healing experience that brings balance to the entire being as she leads vinyasa flow classes, ecstatic dance workshops and tea ceremonies infused with breath, sacred sound and hypnotic playlists.

MANZO Side Angle NA


Maura Manzo is the co-founder of Yoga Home in Conshohocken. She is a creative, innovative and intuitive teacher dedicated to empowering all those around her to waking up and stepping into their purpose.  Over the last few years, she was named one of Philadelphia Magazine’s Top 5 Yogi’s to Watch and was featured in both Origin Magazine and The Huffington Post.  She has been a featured teacher at Wanderlust Philly and Namas Day.  Maura also leads retreats internationally.  She has studied extensively with the yoga and service organization, Off the Mat, into the World, Seane Corn and most recently Anodea Judith. She is co-founder of the Beyond Asana Teacher Training & Service Project which has raised over $350,000 and built 5 schools in partnership with the non-profit organization BuildOn. Maura is passionate about bringing yoga to many and supporting students in learning how their time on the mat supports the greater practice of their life.



…and one day I awoke, mid twenties, just on the other side of a harsh breakup, stressful job and feeling low. I asked if I could tag along with a friend to her yoga class and my whole life changed. I found something to look forward to, feel good about, a sense of community, peace of mind and so much more! I jumped in with both feet and was soon taking teacher training with some of the greatest teachers around, the staff at Dhyana Yoga! My mission is to help others feel the way that my teachers helped me feel.



June’s belief in the transformative power of yoga fuels her dharma. “The changes in my life from yoga have been profound, and I want to share it.” She believes that everyone can benefit from yoga, and is passionate about finding new ways to make yoga accessible to all. “When someone comes into the studio, I feel so honored, because they are saying ‘Of all the places that I could be, and all the things I could do, I choose to be here.’” She has created an amazing, beautiful community and space at Moondog, where all are encouraged to find their yogic path.



As a multitalented musician, Harold E. Smith makes music out of anything he picks up. He plays drums, wind and percussion instruments from many continents, gongs, whistles, conch shells and the traditional Australian Didjeridoo. In the jazz domain, Harold is noted for his highly energized, emotional, and innovative style of drumming, both as a leader and sideman. In all domains, Harold Smith is a person deeply in touch with the spirit of nature and the nature of our spirit. The first time he picked up the didjeridoo, he could play it. When he plays, he is always in conversation with the Great Spirit. He makes music that warms folk’s hearts, and brings smiles to their faces. The music comes from his heart, and his magical soul to ours.

press pic Sonni Shine


 Sonni has been performing in the Tri-State area for over 10 years as a vocalist and guitarist, and is proud to call West Philadelphia, PA her home.  Her music is an earthy combination of soul, funk, jazz, and folk. The Philly Examiner has dubbed Sonni’s music as “a striking blend of unique, catchy, and relative,” and she has drawn comparasions to Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Ani Difranco, and Adele. Most recently she has written for and fronted the reggae-funk outfit The Underwater Sounds. In 2014 The Underwater Sounds won PHL Live’s “Best World Music” award, and the band has shared the stage with such prestigous acts as Snarky Puppy, The Easy Star All Stars, The English Beat, and Groundation


A Deep, Playful and Non-judgmental approach to yoga is what you will find in Natalie’s classes. You will often hear, “can you notice what comes up for you and greet it with gentleness?,” and, “please know that you can rest at any time,” along with clear, accessible verbal cues inviting you into and out of asana shapes during a class with Natalie. The goal of the asana journey is to cultivate an acceptance of what already “is” within you. You will also hear quotes and excerpts from Natalie’s favorite sages such as Pema Chodron, Carl Jung, Rumi, Rilke and Mary Oliver.



Pete Guinosso (E-RYT 500) helps students connect with their hearts. His gentle guidance and intuitive assists allow students of all levels to step out of their comfort zones and find their own authentic path in the practice. Pete’s classes offer strong, vigorous sequencing grounded in the breath and intention, and always leave room for playfulness and fun.

Drawing from his years as a scientist, Pete approaches his practice with a sense of curiosity and wonder. He also draws from what initially brought him to the yoga mat: over twenty five years of running, cycling, and competitive sports.  His light-hearted exploration of going deeper on a path that is both physical and spiritual has created a thriving community of yogis in the San Francisco Bay area and around the world.

Inspired by his love of travel and the outdoors, Pete offers a wide range of yoga adventures each year, around the world and close to home. His passion to guide students into their role as skilled, authentic yoga teachers and healers led him to create his signature Lighting the Path teacher training. Pete tours internationally for workshops, festivals, trainings and retreats. For more about Pete and his community, visit



Kyra discovered the power of yoga in the aftermath of a ski accident as a Pennsylvania teenager. After healing her body through the practice, she felt a calling to share the gift of yoga with others. Her yoga studies have taken Kyra across the United States, to Central America and India and back again. Prior to her move to California, Kyra owned 3 yoga studios in Washington, DC, serving thousands of students.

Headshot MM 2014


Mark Moliterno is an accomplished professional opera singer, voice teacher, yoga teacher, and Comprehensive Yoga Therapist, and is known as a master teacher of both classical yoga and singing. His extensive performing career has taken him to many countries in a variety of leading operatic roles and as a concert soloist and recitalist. Additionally, he has completed more than 1200 hrs of formal study in yoga teaching and therapeutics. Mark is recognized nationally for his YogaVoice® workshops and one-on-one therapeutic mentoring and is a specialist in helping people understand and overcome physical and energetic blockages to their authentic voices.



Uniquely Energizing, Fun, Folksy, and Extreme talent are the terms used to describe this trio known to dish out huge doses of Mother Funkin’ Gangsta Folk! The sounds in their repertoire of award winning originals, interspersed with covers make all their stuff sound brand new, enabling them to entertain and simply WOW audiences of all ages!



Emmy® award winning children’s entertainer Alex Mitnick, host and adventure leader of Alex & The Kaleidoscope, has been captivating kids & adults alike with his fresh approach to music for young audiences for over a decade. Audiences clap along, sing, dance and improvise with Alex, actively participating in the concerts creating a profound sense of community and connection. Songs like “Insect Tourists”, “Crocodile” and “Dino Dig” are not only a blast to sing and dance to but also teach us fun facts about the world around us. “Mama’s In The Kitchen”, “Love Is All It Takes” and “Tell Me A Story” are sure to bring families together in joyous moments of musical magic! Alex’s sensitivity, humor, and ability to connect with adults and children alike make these shows a wonderful experience for the entire family. An uplifting, feel-good concert that will leave audiences more connected to themselves, each other and the world around them!



Whether he is DJing a yoga class, festival, or nightlife experience, Nate Spross is fully committed to sharing a very artistic, expressive, and soulful sound of music that is overflowing with energy. After a 10 plus year run of smashing countless nightclub and underground dance floors; Nate created the ‘Yoga Music Project’ while residing in his native homeland of Northern California. It was New Years Day in 2012 where Nate’s creative musical energy shifted and the ‘Yoga Music Project’ came to fruition in Sacramento, CA. Since that beautiful day, he has completed 400 hours of yoga teacher trainings in Northern California and has continued his community building musical offerings from the West Coast to the East Coast where he now resides in Philadelphia, PA. Nate is an unstoppable creative burst of energy that is here to shine and share his passion, love, and good vibes with the world.



Festival 108 is a substance-free event. There will be NO alcohol or chemicals
permitted on festival grounds.







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