You Know What They Say! Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

Kasey Belliston

In the path of life we are all traveling, there will be plenty of hills and turns. There will be showers and storms. The path of life is meant to be a journey, not a destination. The more we try to find shortcuts, the more difficult it becomes to see the way we should be going. It’s best in that case, to trust your gut and those animal instincts that we all embody. Feelings like that is the Universe telling us if we are headed in the right direction. The Universe telling us if we are backtracking or getting lost in the woods.

Have No Fear!

If you should ever feel lost in your journey, don’t panic! We all get lost sometimes and more often than not, we get lost over and over again. Usually, this is because we are trying to rush it, looking for a shortcut. We get side tracked, oblivious to what we are doing and where we are going. You may think that it’ll make your life easier to hitchhike with someone and let their path become your own. But we are all made differently, and are meant to pursue our own walks of life.

As they say April showers bring May flowers, and if you think about it, that little verse could be hinting to a deep powerful meaning. Perhaps that quote could be saying that you have to experience the ugliest, most miserable storms in order to see the more beautiful side of the spectrum. Or it could mean that you reap the best benefits after the most difficult times. Either way, it ultimately means that you can’t give up on the journey you’re on and you have to stay strong, be brave, and press on.

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Trust In The Journey!

Don’t be discouraged when your path takes sudden turns and is filled with many obstacles. These are the defining moments that test us in order to help us grow and prosper. It may feel like you will never get on track again or will never recover, when in fact you will feel stronger than ever when you decide to keep on going. It’s difficult to know where your path will lead, and which direction you will go in next. But when you trust in yourself to know the right way to go, you’ll be more likely to adjust to whatever comes your way.

Remember that we are all on our own journey and everyone’s path takes sudden turns and has unexpected obstacles. How quickly we can walk our path does not define us. What really defines us is how we adjust to change and how mindful we are about which direction we choose to go next.

Written by Guest Blogger Kayla Ruth

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