Fest 108 Schedule


Festival 108 Schedule

Yoga Classes, Workshops, Music, and Performances will be going on all day long.
This schedule is tentative and subject to minor changes.

Download FEST 108 SCHEDULE here


10:15 am  ::  Sound Healing Concert with Harold E. Smith

11:15 am  ::  Opening Ceremony with Jess Dugan

11:30 am  ::  State Senator Daylin Leach Speaks

12:00 pm  ::  Love, Transformation, Elevation & Empowerment with Maureen Priest

1:30 pm  ::  Musical Performance with Sonni Shine

3:00 pm  ::  DJ Set with Nate Spross of the Yoga Music Project

4:45 pm  ::  Musical Performance with Whiskeyhickon Boys

7:00 pm  ::  Yoga with June Hunt, “Darkside of the Moon

8:30 pm  ::  Conscious Dance Party with Bibi McGill


**MAIN FLOOR classes will be held INSIDE the barn

Directions available with ticket purchase.**

10:00 am  ::  Morning Cup of Vinyasa with Pete Guinosso Yoga

1:15 pm  ::  Wheels of Life: Understanding & Applying the Chakra System with Maura Manzo

3:00 pm  ::  Summer Lovin’ Yoga with Natalie Levin

4:45 pm  ::  Love and Gratitude with Bibi McGill

6:30 pm  ::  To Know Thyself: A Practice of Movement and Meditation with Kate Goodyear


10:30 am  ::  Vinyasa! A Dance Between Fun and Freedom Jamey Reese

11:45 am  ::  Kundalini Yoga to Honor the Summer Solstice with Karen Strawhacker

1:00 pm  ::  Let the Sun Shine In! with Kyra Anastasia

2:15 pm  ::  Yoga & Ayurveda: Harnessing the Pitta Fire with Lisa Ciliberto Scarborough

3:45 pm  ::  Yoga as a Foundation for Life Transformation with Christy Holland

5:00 pm  ::  Harness Your Internal Power with Jen Ryan

6:15 pm  ::  YogaVoice: Your Authentic Voice with Mark Moliterno

7:30 pm  ::  Open the Hips & Release the Booty with Ken Bell



Kids’ Tent

Lovingly taught & presented by Missi Hamilton,
Director of Moyo’s Children’s Programming

Kids’ activities will be available from 12 to 6 pm.
Henna  •  Mala Making  •  Face Painting  •  Sand Art

2:00 pm  ::  Alex Mitnick of the Kaleidoscope Band

Healing Village

The healing village is open from 12 pm to 8 pm



3:00 pm  ::  Solar Energy with Rachel Lebiedzinski

The benefits of solar energy and how it can help save our planet.

3:30 pm  ::  Gifts of The Earth: An Introduction to Essential Oils with Alyssa Walters

Explore nature’s most powerful plant therapy. Essential oils can support healthy sleep, promote digestion, increase focus, open airways and respiratory function, uplift your mood, support hormone balance, and more. You will learn the three ways you can use essential oils, experience the most commonly used and versatile ones and get hands on experience with doTERRA’s  gifts of the earth.

4:00 pm  ::  Tick Time with Lee Gordon

How to protect yourself and prevent Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

4:30 pm  ::  Medical Cannabis in PA with Tom Santanna

PA just legalized medical marijuana! How we got here and what this means.

5:00 pm  ::  Be You Be Sure: How to Embrace Your Totality with Alexa Rosenthal

Two years. Fourteen thousand miles. Twelve RV breakdowns. And two hundred and fifty interviews with millennials. This is my story.

5:30 pm  ::  Dinacharya:Tuning In to Nature’s Rhythm with Lisa Scarborough

Ayurveda teaches us how to live in tune with the rhythm of nature. By tuning in we create beauty, wellness and longevity. Learn the ancient beauty secrets of Ayurveda at this fireside chat.

6:00 pm  ::  Qigong for Holistic Health with Marlene Harding

Discover why Qigong – a Chinese energy practice – is practiced by millions of people around the world for its health benefits. Learn how simple, yet powerful, these movements are in stimulating your body’s natural ability to heal. Benefits reported include: increased energy, improved sleep; decreased levels of: pain, stress, anxiety, heartburn; relief from hot flashes and more!

F E S T  1 0 8   E X T R A O R D I N A R Y   V E N D O R S


Psychic Readings by Laura Marco
MOYO’s therapists (massage, reiki, sound healing)



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