Vata Season

The other day I put my milk away in the pantry instead of the refrigerator. Last week, not one but two clients forgot to show up for their appointments. At least three clients complained that they have been edgy and unable to sleep lately. What’s going on? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s vata season. According […]

A Message to Our Students, From the MOYO Teaching Team….

We are an eclectic group of teachers… eclectic in background, approach, emphasis and personality. We are unified in our core principles, dedication to our practice and love for teaching the Moyo community. This blog is dedicated to our students; to share why we teach and express our gratitude for the privilege of guiding you through […]

Feeling Stuck?

What do you believe about your ability to improve?  There is really two broad ways to look at it: – You believe that your abilities are established and can’t change much, regardless of how hard you try. OR – You think that you can learn and grow if you invest enough effort. Well, here’s the […]

From Survival to Performance

I’d like to start today with a mini self-diagnostic.  On a regular workday, on scale of 1 to 5 where 1 = never and 5 = nonstop, how often do you feel… – Irritable, impatient, angry – Fearful, defensive – Anxious, worried – Frustrated – Undervalued. If your total is 15 or higher, then you […]

Get Calm and Collected in Just 10 Minutes

I am just back from Boston where I took a course in mind-body medicine at Harvard Medical School. And what did I learn? A lot, and very little. Let me explain. Between 60 and 90% of all doctor visits are related to stress. In fact, the World Health Organization calls depression and burnouts the #1 […]

Alternate Nostril Breathing

As yogis we know that our own energy is constantly changing, sometimes we feel that everything is going right and we can feel the flow, and others we feel like we are at the point of boiling to a meltdown.  What these feelings really mean is that our own energies are not aligned.  These energies […]

MOYO’s Breast Team Ever!

Group Shot

LBBC’s Yoga Unites was a great success for MOYO’s Breast Team Ever!  Last year, we had only 10 members on our team.  This year our team grew to 43 and we raised over $5200!  I’m so proud of our studio and the wonderfully big hearts.   It was a touching and powerful experience to practice yoga […]

Jackknife Pose


Jackknife (utthita urdhva paschimottonasana):  ó      From tadasana, exhale the arms out to the sides. ó       Hinge at the hips, come forward to a flat back and hold. ó      Reach the hips towards the back and the crown of the head towards the front. Keep the legs strong and reach the fingers out to the side […]

Eileen Connell

Eileen Connell Picture_web

Eileen Connell, RYT, CMT, is a graduate of MOYO Teacher Training, 2007. Yoga has transformed Eileen on all levels.  Her energetic, grounding presence empowers and inspires students to reconnect to their body, breath and soul.  Eileen is dedicated to personal growth and healing.  She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy and has […]