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A Lesson in Love…. Motherhood was always a distant thought for me.  My attention had always been on giving to my business and marriage. Then, after ten years of marriage, this little being decided to make me his mama.  I felt mixed emotions.  Could I be a good mother? I’ve battled lack of self worth…

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Kapha Reducing Breakfast Porridge

Our friends at Banyan Botanicals characterize winter as, “a season with a sense of heaviness, increased moisture (usually in the form of rain or snow), cloud-covered days, and the grounded, slow feeling that sends many animals into hibernation. These are all qualities shared by kapha dosha, which is why winter is considered to be—primarily—a kapha season. However, if…

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The Most Beautiful Expression within Us: Sammasati.

As a yogi and entrepreneur I’ve learned that setting goals is a necessity for survival. Without them, we are less grounded, and our path can become unclear. However, as I began the journey of setting my goals and then achieving them, I found that it created suffering. I associated my self-worth to whether or not…

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