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Spring Has Sprung!

  Spring has sprung! It is the time of year where everyone starts to become aware of their appearance, how their bodies look and how they feel. Spring is the season of transformation and rebirth. Darkness becomes light; the rustic foliage begins to bloom with enchanting, vibrant colors. We are beings of nature so we…

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8 Simple Ways to Nourish Yourself

Personal health is about thriving not just surviving. At its root, maintaining personal health is not about restrictions. We all have friends who go from one diet to the next, maybe receiving short-term change only to revert back to old habits. I’m sure many of us have also done that ourselves. But truly nourishing yourself…

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Get Out of Your Yoga Box

When many people begin their yoga journey they connect to a specific lineage or style of yoga. The structure and dogma can be helpful and comforting initially. However, ultimately I found following a specific style or lineage can become a crutch. We can lean on the outlined teachings rather than exploring the knowledge hidden in…

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