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Kasey Belliston

I feel as though the summer is passing by in a big old blur.  Do you feel the same? That’s A-OK because my favorite season is right around the corner.  We all have a favorite season and for me, it’s without a doubt fall.

We may not feel the chill in the air yet, but the days are getting noticeably shorter. The trees are proudly hanging onto their leaves as we approach the end of summer.  During Lisa Scarborough’s vata balancing practice last Friday, I couldn’t help but notice the autumn-like wind that danced through the pavilion slowly gathering strength carrying the crisp, cold air on its breath.  It was as if we manifested the wind & air elements, that essentially are vata, that afternoon.

Although pumpkins seem to get the autumn limelight these days, the apple is the fundamental part of fall. Going apple picking, drinking fresh apple cider, baking apple pies, gooey caramel apples and the warmth of gathering. It all feels so right when thinking about this beautiful season. On September 30th, MOYO & Frecon Farms are celebrating all the promises of fall! All things apples of course, hard cider, live music, food trucks, yoga, and more!

If you’re a Kimberton Whole Foods enthusiast  like I am, then I am sure you are familiar with Frecon Farms.  “Established in 1944 in Boyertown, PA, currently on their 3rd generation of growers, Frecon Farms has been growing locally for 70 years. Originally a producer of apples and peaches with a focus on the wholesale market, the farm now grows 23 varieties of apples for wholesale, retail, and the production of hard cider.”

Frecon Cidery Logo

It was the orchard’s tart Gravenstein apple and native crab apples, that inspired the owners to start producing hard cider. Josh Smith, Retail Manager & Marketing Director mentioned in an article in the Morning Call  “We had a lot of apple varieties that are good for cider,” he says. The best cider apples are not eating varieties; cider apples are high in acid and tannins. Their ciders have recently won recognition amongst the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association and in various competitions. To kick things off in one of the cidery’s new retail locations, the MOYO team had the pleasure of interviewing Brendan O’Connor, Retail & Events Operations Manager about their naturally fermented cider.

Like so many of us, our fondest memories of fall revolve around the magic of apples. Baking, buttering, drinking, stewing, and picking.  It’s apples all day every day at Frecon Farms! Red, golden and green ornaments lining the orchard with decorations. The scent of the fallen ones drunkenly filling the air. At this time of year it is easy to see how apples have taken on such importance in our autumnal traditions. Revered and celebrated by so many: apples are effortless. They will easily store deep into winter with no fancy equipment required, and will provide hot nourishing meals throughout the day when other homegrown produce is long gone.

All this blogging for apples, has my mouth craving some. Come celebrate apple season with MOYO and Frecon Farms on September 30th (11am-6pm) and enjoy your cider in a bottle or on draft amongst friends, food, and fun! More info on the Apple Harvest can be found here! Make sure you register for a free cider on us! Tickets are only $10 in advance or $15 at the door!

Written by guest blogger Amanda Kelly

She is a knit fabric research & developer by day who discovered her passion for yoga 5ish years ago while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is currently working towards her 200hr RYT at MOYO.

Her yoga journey started as a means to escape herself, her past and find her way: the letdowns you can’t predict, opportunities that end up being too good to be true, and moments when you feel like you will never survive another day. Wildly in love, married to her middle school sweetheart, she now knows that everything in life happens for a reason and you are exactly where you are supposed to be in the present moment. Sharing her passion of yoga, wellness, adventure, and personal style, her mission is to inspire and guide people through her own personal journey and experiences.

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